Family Of Weirdos Mix Tins Of Roses & Celebrations


TALES of festive oddness aren’t anything new, everyone will have heard of a family that eats their Christmas dinner at 8PM, or a co-worker who doesn’t attend the office Christmas party because they don’t want to make a show of themselves in front of everyone.

But there are few Christmas quirks that are as ghastly as the McQuillan family’s habit of mixing the contents of several chocolate tubs together, leading to an ungodly plastic cauldron of Quality Street, Heroes, Celebrations and Roses which would send shivers down the spine of even the hardiest of souls.

“Would you like a sweet there?” asked matriarch Audrey McQuillan, prompting one of her three kids to offer us our pick from a Roses box that had everything but Roses in it.

“We mix in this house. Who wants half-full tubs around the place? Sure even when you buy them, there’s barely anything in them. Go on, pick around in there, I think someone ate all the Dinky Deckers, but there’s little Twixes if you want them. And don’t worry about the wrappers, just throw them back into the tub, that’s how we do it here. Go on, fish around in empty wrappers and see if you can find yourself a fudge of some sort”.

Dad Seamus McQuillan arrived home at that point with a box of Lemon’s Sweets that also got dumped into the communal chocolate pot, prompting us to make our excuses and get the hell out of there.