World Cup Delayed After Hand Of Dead Migrant Worker Emerges From Pitch


THE 2022 World Cup in Qatar has started with a stutter post-opening ceremony as the referee taking charge of the Qatar v Ecuador match has had to call a halt to proceedings just minutes into the game.

An Ecuador player tripped when taking possession of the ball near the halfway line and drew the referee’s attention to the skeletal hand of a deceased migrant worker protruding through the grass.

Qatar authorities have been quick to exhume the body and hastily dispose of it in a nearby bin so the match can continue. Security were seen making their way through the crowd with non-disclosure agreements for fans in the crowd to sign, confirming nothing has happened and their eyes were deceiving them.

“I don’t think the referee went far enough, it’s a blatant trip and that’s a yellow card for the corpse for me,” confirmed Gary Neville on co-comms with Bein Sports.

Fears among organisers are that with anywhere between 6,000 and 15,000 dead migrant workers bodies buried in Qatar such an occurrence could be a persistent interruption during games.

“Look guys as we said before it’s time to focus on the football,” confirmed FIFA in a statement asking players to just play through any protruding corpses and not make ‘a whole thing’ of it.

UPDATE: For those in the crowd deeply affected by the incident the Qatari authorities have permitted them one public display of affection, such as a hug but for no longer than five seconds.