Trump Drops Biggest Hint Yet That The McRib May Be Coming Back


IS the world ready for a return of one of McDonald’s most popular and endearing speciality sandwiches of all time? They’d better be, because former US president Donald Trump just dropped the biggest indication yet that the McRib will be back in 2023.

“The McRib ‘Farewell Tour’ may not be as farewell as the loonie left would have you believe,” posted Trump on his Truth Social account last night, alluding to the beloved sandwich’s recent ‘last hurrah’ on McDonald’s menus.

“These #LIARS claim that the McRib is an artery clogger, a grease feast. They’d have all of you proud patriotic #AMERICANS eating tofu and avocado. But that’s not what I hear on the road! People love #MCRIB. Big changes coming soon! #MCRIB2023 #MMRBGA”.

Trump, who is 100% without question running for president again in 2024, went on to claim that ‘Sleepy Joe Biden’ and ‘Crooked Hillary Clinton’ have never eaten a McRib in their life, giving his supporters just one more reason to love him.

“This isn’t about her emails anymore, this isn’t about Hunter Biden’s laptop. This is about our constitutional right as Americans to eat rib meat and sauce,” yelled one man we spoke to, draped from head to toe in stars and stripes.

“I like McRibs, Trump says he’ll bring ’em back, so he’s got my vote. If he doesn’t bring ’em back, then I’m sure he did his best and it was those damned Democrats that stopped him, because they hate our way of life,” shrieked another.

Meanwhile McDonalds have yet to comment on the matter, possibly exposing themselves as shills for the Democrats, the Russians, China and Big Pharma all at once.