Local Cycling Dose To Cycle A Little Bit More Than He Normally Does For Charity


A COUNTY Waterford cyclist has vowed to cycle a little bit more than he normally does in the hopes of raising money for a charity while picking up some badly needed kudos on his way, WWN has learned.

Serial charity cyclist, Tom Doyle, who would cycle 70km a day regardless, is going to cycle 90km daily around the country for prostate cancer, visiting 32 counties in just 32 days and annoying just about everyone who knows him for donations.

“90km a day? Sure that’s only 2,880km in a month. What does he want, a medal?” offered one friend, clearly not realising Doyle was looking for donations.

“Aw for fuck sake, Tom, not another charity cycle,” several friends thought in unison as yet another group text pinged on their phones before they quickly exited the app, “yes, it’s great he’s raising money for to fight cancer, but he’ll have us all broke if he keeps doing them every few months – how about we sponsor him not to do a charity cycle for an entire year instead?”

The cycling dose is expected to pester local radio stations along the way, a platform friends believe is perfect for the middle-aged stay-at-home-son.

“He has a face for radio so that’s something, we guess,” friends added, “best not see his head, he’ll raise more money this way”.

Doyle, a former grumpy chef and now grumpy health inspector, is to set off on his 32-day cycle on the 18th of August.

“At least we’ll get 32 days of peace,” concluded another friend, already opting to hide Tom’s social media posts for the next few months.

If you would like to donate to Tom’s A Balls of a Cycle charity cycle, please click the link in the box below. 

Best of luck Tom from team WWN.