Mother Absolutely Crushing The Laundry These Days


THE world now may be a storm of political turmoil, pandemic-based terror and the ceaseless heartbreak of war, but that hasn’t stopped Waterford mum-of-three Julie Ringleton from keeping clean clothes on her family.

While many would succumb to a malaise that would see housework fall to the bottom of the list of priorities, Ringleton has instead kept her mind busy and distracted by running a flawless laundry system, despite her washing machine being ‘on its way out’ and there being ‘absolutely no drying’ for weeks.

“Don’t talk to me about the NI protocol or any of that old shite. If they want a real challenge, try keeping up with the washing for two teenage boys, a five-year-old and a husband who works in a garage,” said the busy 37-year-old, while pouring out the perfect amount of fabric softener by eye.

“Some people started hobbies; some people upskilled. Me, I became the most badass motherfucking doer of laundry you’ve ever seen. You’d want to see a clothes horse after I’ve put a wash on it. Not an inch of bar visible. As soon as one wash is done, boom, in with the next and we just keep that train rolling, baby. There’s a lot in this world I can’t control, but Jesus, Mary and Joeseph I’m absolutely crushing the laundry these days”.

Ringleton did however add that she’s not ironing any of this, if they want it ironed, they can go fucking do it themselves.