Everything You Need To Know About The PS5


DESIGN, features, specs, pricing and exciting landmark games, WWN Gaming has all the info you need on the latest and what Sony is hoping is the greatest console out there.

Getting to the design of the PS5 – the new white console signifies Sony’s stance in the current race wars. The shapely cover is also specially designed to gather as much dust in hard to reach places so the PS5 overheats more quickly. Designers at Sony admit they took inspiration for the design from the world’s most boring looking Wifi router.

Specs? Where to start? An increase in high-quality audio means teenagers calling you a f****t will come in even more clearly on headsets. The cooling fan is the same noise level as a nuclear reactor cooling system. The PS5 controller will come with a special ‘nipple’ button for use in all games featuring sex scenes.

With a GPU: 10.28 TFLOPs, 36 CUs at 2.23GHz, the PS5 will just about handle Time Crisis II. Sony has promised to cut down the typical update time to just over one week.

Pricing? While the exact price is not yet known, it is believed the PS5 will be expensive enough that whatever moneylender ends up breaking your legs will be owed a significant amount of interest on that loan you took out.

The PS5 will come with a €2 coin slot that will need topping up every three hours. And Sony promised more unique ways to teach your children how to gamble, including an optional fruit machine, arm bandit feature.

The console will go ‘fully digital’ with no more discs, thus rural Irish children with poor broadband can look forward to playing and downloading the games by 2040 at the earliest, just in time for the release of the next GTA.