Did These Absolute Tunes Define 2018?


2018 has undoubtedly been a great year for music, at least according to music critics, with artists at home and abroad excelling like never before.

Young, virile and ingenuous artists have been breathing new life into the pop, rock, indie and dance genres, pushing music ever forward.

And who better to run the rule over the absolute bangers which defined 2018 for so many people but our resident music critic, Mark Creighton, who at 51, is far from being tired and burned out with a horribly cynical and outdated view of proper music.

thank u, next – Arianna Grande

Fuck sake, in my day we had proper tunes like Oasis. I can’t get drunk and punch someone while listening to this. What a heap of shite.

All The Stars – Kendrick Lamar, SZA

Christ, really? This is what young people call ‘music’ these days, is it? I despair.

Sincerity is Scary – 1975

Is this what passes as male-fronted, emotionally intelligent, popular mainstream music? If I had a time machine I’d take you back to The Bends era Radiohead to show you what proper depressing music for depressed people sounded like. Them were the days. But yeah, what is this shite? Only music from my formative years and my adolescence is good.

Bodak Yellow – Cardi B

A lady rapper???

Egyptian Luvr – Rejje Snow

While it’s great to have an Irish person on a list like this, but Jesus, there isn’t even any guitars on this song? What is going on with music at all at all? What’s wrong with only listening to Mr Brightside by the Killers are year round? Fucking kids don’t know proper music at all.