Limerick & Galway Locals Shouldering Each Other In Preparation For Sunday’s Final


IN ANTICIPATION of Sunday’s All Ireland hurling final, and to ensure no quarter is given, no advantage handed over to the other team lest it prove to be the vital difference between lifting or not lifting the Liam MacCarthy, Limerick and Galway locals have taken to shouldering each other aggressively and jostling for nothing in particular.

“When it comes to the throw in on Sunday it’ll be gee’d up men fighting for a sliotar, but it’s foolish to think we can’t strike a psychological blow to our opponents before kick off,” confirmed one Galway man who was bused into Limerick with a large group of Galway supporters this morning, all in search of an adrenaline fueled shoulders off the ball.

Conversely streams of Limerick locals have headed north to Galway in a bid to gain the upper hand on their opponents. The coming togethers, owing largely to the fact those who shout loudest from the sidelines are usually the worst at a given sport, more closely resemble aggressive hugging and awkward displays of masculinity.

“It’s easy, you just walk the streets like you would any other, but you step out and throw a shoulder when you see some gowl in a Galway jersey. Show ’em who’s boss. Show ’em we’re up for this game,” confirmed one Limerick man after knocking a pensioner to the ground, before looking for a nearby referee to protest to about how easy the frail octogenarian went down.

There has been a reported increase of people from either county crossing the road and pursuing someone once they found evidence they are from the county that stands in their way of All-Ireland victory.

“I was sitting in my car in traffic minding my own business when some lunatic in a Galway jersey jumped into the passenger’s seat and starting shouldering me,” explained one Limerick man, who obviously isn’t willing to put everything he has on the line for his family, his parish, his town and his county.