There Were Hundreds Of Court Cases Today But We Chose This One Involving A Foreign National


DESPITE the vast array of court cases around the country involving Irish nationals, ranging from the ultraviolent to the sexually deranged, WWN has managed to find this guaranteed clickable story about a black taxi driver who continued working illegally while also claiming the dole.

Ade Omogoroye, who we photographed leaving court for maximum effect, was charged with defrauding the state, and probably you, of €312 over a twelve month period, which obviously gives this case more relevance over the other 700 or so offenses we could have reported on today.

Speaking for Mr Omogoroye, solicitor and obvious leftie, Cathal Turner told the court that his client was deeply sorry for claiming state benefits while continuing to work as a taxi driver in Dublin, pointing to the fact that he had no previous convictions and was in fact a ‘native’ of the state since 2001.

Citing some bullshit about being evicted from his apartment in 2014 by a American vulture fund, and losing his wife in a routine appendix operation in a Dublin hospital, the 45-year-old Nigerian pleaded with Judge Karen Browne for leniency during sentencing, much to the chime of scoffs from the Irish courtroom.

Judge Browne took Mr Omogoroye’s story into account, before handing down a 10-year suspended sentence on the basis that the defendant took a bit of heat off the usual drug, rape and murder cases that regularly fill the courts daily and receive lenient sentences.

Justifying the sentencing of Mr Omogoroye, not that it needed to be, experienced commenters on the internet said ‘you only had to look at him’.