Scientists Discover Link Between People Who ‘Don’t Like Drama’ & Drama Occurring


PIONEERING scientists have been able to identify a link between the occurrence of high levels of drama which was highly avoidable with people who proudly proclaim there is nothing in life they hate more than ‘drama’, WWN has learned.

“Cross referencing the number of times an individual stated categorically that they hated drama, and didn’t want any of it in their daily life, with the actual beginning of endless drama kick-started by that same individual, we have clearly been able to establish a link,” Professor Ike Laurents explained to WWN.

In the most damaging cases of drama creation, fostering and procurement some individuals even repeated the phrase ‘I don’t want no drama but’ or variants of this phrase in the seconds leading up to them sparking off a veritable drama hurricane.

“Were we to halt these individuals’ access to situations in which drama could potentially happen, the number of ‘bitch pleases’, ‘you a lying hoes’, ‘say that to my faces’ and ‘everybody’s saying it, I’m just the only not afraid to say to your faces’ could be reduced to historically low levels,” added Prof Laurent.

A further link was pinpointed between the same drama ‘haters’ and high levels of shock and dismay at when ‘stirring shit’ lead to things blowing up in their faces and affecting them for the worse.

“Yes, those studied then with into some form of fugue state in which they were completely unable to recall starting any drama, it was an acute case of memory loss, as if they weren’t present moments earlier when they insulted and provoked someone,” Prof Laurent concluded.