6 Things You Can Do While Stuck On The M50


STUCK in a 4 mile tailback on the M50 after someone accidentally turned on their indicator sparking a butterfly effect on the several hundred cars in the driver’s wake?

Although it is usually a cause for concern, WWN is here to suggest another, alternative outlook on the following 3 hours you are sure to spend gridlocked in traffic.

Think of the possibilities that lie ahead of you, now is as good a time as any to do all the things you have been meaning to do in life.

Sign up to one of those online university courses

Look, you’ve a few hours to burn. Why not become a qualified psychologist or something? Even if you’re not interested in marine biology, it’ll pass the time.

Read Ulyssess

Like everyone else you’ve pretended that you read the first couple of hundred pages before giving up because it’s a load of old fanny, but now you can actually do that for real.

Hell, you might even have time to check a reading guide online so you know the fuck Joyce was on about. Will trying to make sense of it make you go crazy? No more so than staring at a motionless 93 Nissan Micra that needs a good clean for 7 hours will!

Do your taxes

Paying PRSI? Everything taken care of by your employer? Think again! You can claim money back on medical and dental expenses thanks to the Med 1 and Med 2 forms. Never been one for big intimidating forms? Don’t fret you’ve another 2 hours in traffic without moving an inch.

Knit a cardigan

What if your car battery packs it in? How will you keep warm as you wait for evening or morning traffic to not move at all? Oh, and before you knit that cardigan you can learn to actually knit! Finished already? Well, we’re sure there’s some chilly whales out there who would love to own the world’s largest cardigan. Time is on your side.

Take up French again

God, you’re always on about how you were dead good at in school and now you finally have the spare time to reacquaint yourself with the language of love.

Build an extra lane

Sick of going through this gridlock day in, day out, with no sign of improvement? Why not eat up some tarmac and get laying a new lane on the motorway to help you get from A to a shit load on traffic before getting to B some hours later.