Small Shaft Of Sunlight Through Curtains Wakes Man Up 2 Hours Before Alarm


A TORTUROUSLY bright shaft of light has interrupted the gentle slumber of one Waterford man, some two hours before his alarm was set to jolt his awake, WWN understands.

The tragic incident played out over 12 agonising minutes when unbeknownst to Gary Hanley the sun first broke through his curtain at 8.46am, before edging itself ever close to his eyeline in an intimidating and evil fashion.

Asleep and dreaming about ‘having hard boiled eggs for legs or some shit’, Hanley was unable to stop the shaft of light from blazing through his eyelids and prompting his brain awake, a full 2 hours and 2 minutes before the 11am alarm he set last night had intended.

“Fuck sake,” Hanley remarked shortly after leaping from his bed to grasp his curtains fully closed with both hands. The 33-year-old then returned to bed but was unable to fall back asleep.

“Fuck sake,” Hanley muttered once again, as he stared menacingly at his curtains, who he felt had completely betrayed him by not fulfilling the only duty they have.

Hanley, who was really looking forward to a bit of a lie in, is said by sources close to him to be ‘devastated’.