Nation Agrees Not To Bother With Poppy Debate, Gets On With Its Day


WHILE the temptation was certainly in place for members of the Irish people to become engaged in vitriolic exchanges relating to Britain’s so-called ‘poppy debate’, the Nation thought better of it, safe in the knowledge that their quality of life would be improved immeasurably by not taking the bait, WWN has learned.

The presence of Taoiseach Leo Varadkar wearing a special poppy badge in the Dáil, which commemorates those Irishmen who died fighting in the First World War, could have potentially sparked futile exchanges between strangers on the internet. However, with the benefit of hindsight and learning from previous similar examples, the Irish citizenry decided a better use of everyone’s time was to just ‘not’.

Comment sections, news articles, TV and radio debates could have seen the coming days bogged down in reactionary reflections to reactionary reflections on atrocities carried out by British soldiers in Northern Ireland, and on the bravery displayed by Irish WWI veterans, but in keeping with a near-unified belief that there is nothing to be gained from such things, the Nation just went about its business and decided not to give it a second thought.

“Ordinarily, I’d be the first one in the comment sections to call someone a West Brit, a genocide apologist, an IRA terrorist, or what have you, but then I remembered I have to drop the kids to school, go to work, get home and get on with my life. So this year I’m just not going to fucking bother, I’m not even going to say ‘each to their own’, I’m not,” explained one local man, David O’Boyle.

No matter how directly or indirectly the issue of Britain, their military, Irish history and the wearing of the poppy affects the Nation, it has made the understandable decision not to camp out in comment sections or listen out for ignorant blanket statements that generalise or trivialise matters that pertain to a debate that so far has been unable to claim a winner without sparking fresh and equally corrosive debate.

“Last year I accused just about everyone of cheap political points scoring and how so many insulted the memories of those who were killed unjustly and those who sacrificed their lives, but this year I’m just getting on with things, and I’m liking the day so far if, I’m honest,” confirmed another local man, John Brennan, who is a British puppet who thinks killing innocent people is great or is a murderous Republican savage, depending on your viewpoint.