Mikael Ø Lunde Announced As New CEO Of Norwegian Air


NORWEGIAN airline Norwegian Air has announced the appointment of a new Chief Executive today following revelations that the carrier has poached as many as 140 pilots from rival budget airline, Ryanair.

Mikael Ø Lunde, a successful 56-year-old newsagent franchise owner and income tax advisor, will take over duties from Bjørn Kjos at the start of October.

Donning his trademark striped shirt tucked into denim jeans, Ø Lunde addressed a crowd of attending reporters at a press conference, giving the world a glimpse of what to expect from him over the duration of his 10-year contract.

“My first port-of-call will be to implement a two euro charge for anyone wishing to use the plane toilet,” the notoriously controversial Norwegian began, while holding a scale model Boeing 747, “I will also look into charging overweight people extra too, this is budget airline territory people; we’d charge you for oxygen if we could get away with it”.

Little is known about the new CEO, apart from his brash attitude towards the EU and his tendency to blurt out controversial statements at the drop of a hat.

“I don’t know why I like him, but I do,” said one regular Norwegian Air passenger, “I think he is perfect for the job; you need someone bold, and dare I say it, entertaining, for this kind of role, and someone who’s not afraid to say what he thinks in a crude way”.

It is reported that in 2004, Ø Lunde purchased a taxi plate for his Mercedes-Benz S-Class to enable it to be classified as a taxi so that he could legally make use of city bus lanes around Norway.