Luas Knocked Off Tracks By Lad On Bicycle


CALLS have been made to Luas drivers to show caution when in the vicinity of cyclists, after yet another tram was shouldered off its tracks after colliding with a lad on a 10-speed racer during rush hour this morning.

Despite common sense dictating that a 43m-long tram carrying 300 passengers has no chance of surviving in a collision with a lad wearing headphones on a bicycle, some Luas drivers persist in driving erratically at a slow pace down a straight tram line even when cyclists are crossing the tracks without looking.

In this morning’s incident on Abbey street, hundreds narrowly escaped injury when the driver of the Luas failed to give a swerving cyclist enough room in the middle of the tracks, causing the entire front carriage to be shunted over onto the adjacent line after bumping into the rear tyre of the bicycle.

“Luas vs bicycle, there’s only ever going to be one winner there,” said one shaken eyewitness, “I can’t believe the driver continued straight up the tracks after the cyclist has veered out in front of him without warning. Why didn’t the driver just slam on the brakes and bring the entire 8-carriage tram to a sudden halt when he saw the cyclist? It just goes to show the arrogance and carelessness of these Luas drivers, thinking that they have the right of way just because they obey traffic signals and have incredibly low manoeuvrability”.

Meanwhile, calls have been made for bicycles to be fitted with some form of loud, distinctive bell, to warn Luas drivers about their presence.