NASA Enlist Help Of Local Space Cadet


A RENOWNED Waterford space cadet has received a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with some of the greatest astronomical minds on the planet, after US space agency NASA enlisted him to help with an upcoming launch.

Seeking to recruit new staff members from around the world, NASA fell across 26-year-old Tramore native Marcus ‘Meggy’ Gerrihan, whose name showed up multiple times on social media in posts such as ‘Your man Gerrihan is some space cadet’ and ‘LOL Meggy, u were fukn out of it at d weekend bai, you total space cadet’.

“We’re not sure what the space program in Waterford is like, but they certainly seem to have produced an excellent cadet,” said Dr. Rashpajail O’Neill, spokesperson for NASA.

“So we’ve put out a request to this Meggy guy, looking to bring him on board for our upcoming Hubble telescope upgrade programe, a multi-trillion dollar operation that will require the best and brightest minds in the world. Meggy, if he is indeed the space cadet that people say he is, will be integral to our further analysis and study of the universe. We’re just waiting for him to reply to our email at the moment”.

WWN approached Mr. Gerrihan this morning outside his local Spar, where he had fallen asleep last night after a particularly heavy session with his mates.

“Who’s NASA?” asked Meggy, not entirely sure of what month it is.

“Are they like revenue? Tell them you haven’t seen me. Here, have you a light? And a joint?”