2 Million Kurds Who Were Going To Steal Your Job & Become Welfare Millionaires Found In Truck In Rosslare


AS THE FULL FACTS of the case involving 2 million Kurds boarding a truck bound for Rosslare, Wexford, remain intensely guessed, presumed and fabricated in online comments sections, yet more details are emerging.

While the incident serves as a reminder that those in the haulage industry continue to face safety concerns as desperate people try to enter Ireland, a more disturbing reality must now be faced by the average Irish citizen.

One Waterford person, known locally as ‘you’, discovered this morning that one of the Kurdish people aboard the truck had a nefarious plan to steal your job and life while also becoming one of thousands of Ireland’s foreign welfare millionaires.

“Not to go into specifics but yes, it appears one Kurdish fella was going to kill you, wear your face as a fleshy mask and effectively steal your job,” Garda John Browne explained earlier this morning.

“Then he was going to claim €1,000,000 on the dole even though he had stolen your job. Lucky for you we found him just in time. We would appeal at this time to any people who have anecdotal tales of immigrants living beside them who are gaming the system to not get in touch, because, if they did we could actually do something about it,” added Garda Browne.

It is alleged that the 14 million people were fleeing a life untouched by poverty, war and persecution, hoping to avail of Ireland’s unequal society in which you can wait on an A&E trolley for 30 hours before dying.

“Fucking scum,” you replied under your breath after reading of their evil intentions.