Local Woman To Spend Evening Unsuccessfully Trying To Follow YouTube Make Up Tutorial


LOOKING TO TRY something different ahead of a big night out with friends, Waterford city native Zara O’Brien is to spend much of this evening failing to follow a popular make-up tutorial on YouTube.

Growing increasingly frustrated with each passing minute, O’Brien has had cause to press pause on the 5 minute and 51 second ‘Perfect Contouring and Other Tips’ video at least 60 times as she fails to get the results promised by the video’s creator.

“Fuckin’ slow down will ya, ye wagon,” O’Brien shouted at her laptop screen as the 9-year-old contouring expert in the video breezed through 143 easy steps to gain a dramatic highlighting contour, among other things.

Despite the video’s short length, O’Brien is now 79 minutes and 45 make-up removal wipes into trying to make sense of the simple, hassle free tips promised in the video’s description. Although O’Brien admitted to not having the €8,000 worth of make-up, cleanser and make-up brushes used by the YouTube creator, she confirmed that still doesn’t explain why she looks like a drag queen.

The 26-year-old’s desire to get the look right even if it kills her has been exacerbated by the fact the end result in the video’s thumbnail suggests that it would guarantee to distract from the shite HD brows O’Brien got earlier in the week in a dodgy place she bought an online special offer voucher for.

“How is this even possible,” a now fuming O’Brien grunted at the ‘happy-headed bitch’ in the video who was now paused at a moment depicting her smiling ear to ear, appearing as if she was mocking the Waterford woman’s confusion and failure.

“You’re enjoying this aren’t you,” O’Brien shouted at the make-up, slowly losing her grip on reality.

More as we get it.