“Look At Me, I’m Amazing” Insists Apple Pay User


AS THE APPLE Pay service goes live today in Ireland, one local man has insisted that everybody should look at him using the service as it somehow confers upon him the quality of being amazing and cool, WWN can reveal.

“Just used Apple Pay for the first time,” Dublin based bellend Niall Hoggins shared with his social media followers on Instagram, needlessly attaching a photo of him paying for his morning coffee.

Hoggins ensured he used the Apple Pay service with his iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch several times throughout the morning in the hope a member of the public would spot him doing it and immediately tell him how wonderful he is.

“Have to say so convenient, it’s the future guys,” added Hoggins in a Facebook status, acting like he came up with the idea and gave it to Apple himself.

“Cash is so yesterday, you know future generations will look back at us and think we were so primitive with our coins,” Hoggins mused aloud, amazed that no one was recording the Ted Talk stream of consciousness he was bestowing upon people in the queue behind him in Starbucks.

“Third time using Apple Pay this morning, loving it so far, pretty slick,” the social media maven confirmed on Twitter moments later before adding “look at me, I’m amazing, please, someone, anyone, look at me”.