Doomsday Clock In Man’s Car Still Set To The Old Time


A LOCAL man has admitted that he still hasn’t changed the time of the doomsday clock in his car to reflect the recent 30-second increase towards midnight carried out by scientists this week.

The Doomsday Clock is a symbol of how close the human race is to being wiped out, with 12 midnight representing the apocalypse.

Following the inauguration of Donald Trump, the dismissal about warnings surrounding climate change and heightening tensions in the Middle East, the decision was made to move the hands of the clock from 3 minutes to midnight to 2 and a half minutes to midnight, the closest it has been in over 20 years.

Despite this, the doomsday clock in Alex Carolan’s 2008 Toyota Avensis still reads 3 minutes to midnight, with the Waterford native admitting that he doesn’t know when he’ll get around to changing it.

“It’s grand, like, even though it says 3 minutes to midnight, I know that it’s actually 2 and a half,” said Carolan, who isn’t really sure where the button to change the clock setting is.

“It’s a bit annoying that the doomsday clock on my phone changes itself, but the one in the car doesn’t. But you know yourself, if you just leave it as it is, then you don’t have to change it back next year when they move the hands of the Doomsday clock back to 3 minutes to midnight. I mean, they will be moving the hands back, yes?”

“Once everyone calms themselves down and realises what’s at stake, right?”