Vulture Charities See 78% Drop In Donations


OVER 900 vulture charities in Ireland have seen a staggering drop in donations over the past four months, leaving many volunteers uncertain about their future.

WWN spoke to 57 Waterford vulture charities about the sudden dive in funding, which has been directly linked to so-called ‘vulture funds’ being lambasted in the media.

“People need to understand that our charity is in no way connected to any foreign investors,” Vulture Culture chairman Mark Hogan explains, “What we’re seeing now is people who would have normally donated 200 to 300 euros every paycheque, are now donating nothing at all,” adding “it’s not the vulture’s fault; they don’t even like homes or office spaces and have no interest in finance”.

Similarly, Feed A Vulture spokesman Ronnie Casey reported a 78% drop in donations in the last two months, the biggest decline since 2008.

“Vulture funds have not only fucked over the people of Ireland, but the country’s underprivileged vultures as well,” said Casey, “I can’t sleep thinking about the number of vultures in Ireland that will now suffer over the lack of support. They could become extinct if something isn’t done”.

This is just the latest development in the Vulture fund saga, which came to light late last year after newspapers and investigative reporters blew the lid off countless foreign debt agencies – including Goldman Sachs – who paid a total of €19,000 in tax to Irish revenue on assets worth €20 billion.