Woman Returning To Work With No Engagement Ring Quickly Changes Subject Of Christmas


REPORTS are coming in to WWN regarding a local woman who has returned to work today with no sign of an engagement ring on her hand, despite being ‘almost 100% certain’ of a proposal before the Christmas break.

Staff at McKinnion & Co. welcomed Sharon Jennison back to work this morning after nearly a two weeks of holidays, and noted that the Dungarvan native was ‘quick to change the subject’ when asked how she got on over the Christmas.

Jennison, 36, had spent the weeks leading up to Christmas telling everyone that she was expecting an engagement ring from her long-term partner ‘Mark something or other’, and had even told other members of staff at the prominent accountancy firm that they should ‘have a word’ with their partners if they didn’t receive a proposal of their own on Christmas morning.

However, when asked what did she get for Christmas, Jennison quickly moved on to chat about ‘all the work’ she had waiting for her on her first day back, according to eyewitnesses.

“From October until we closed up on the 23rd, she never shut up about how she was expecting a ring from Mark what’s-his-name” said one co-worker we spoke to.

“She lands in this morning, doesn’t take her gloves off till about half eleven. No ring, and she doesn’t want to talk about Christmas. Suits us fine, to be honest, none of us really gave a bollocks to begin with”.