Man Dusts Off Epic Tantrum From 2011 For Latest Argument With Girlfriend


A LOCAL Waterford man has delved deep into his back catalogue of previous tantrums for the latest argument he is engaged in with his long term girlfriend.

Daniel Hackle, 35, spent the majority of the freshly simmering argument performing a greatest hits setlist with a 2011 tantrum proving so popular, it received several encores while the couple of 8 years argued about almost everything.

“I had to break out the big guns, so I did that one I did in 2011 when I started screaming into the pillow,” Hackle explained to WWN before further elaborating on his reasons for dusting off the epic tantrum while locking horns with his partner, Emily Varley.

“When you’re losing an argument, that’s when you go big. She had me banged to rights, so I had a choice; admit I was wrong about whatever it was we were arguing about or push on through and recreate my finest hour in pointless bickering, I said ‘typical’ a lot and rolled my eyes,” Hackle added.

The dispute believed to have started over a number of utility bills soon brought in all manner of unrelated subjects including why Emily’s mother had to stay with them for ‘3 fucking weeks’.

In a bid to wrestle victory from the jaws of defeat Hackle copied his 2011 decision to stand in the corner of their sitting room, staring at the wall and shouting ‘I can’t believe we’re having this argument again’ over and over again despite forgetting what exactly the pair were disagreeing over.

“He’ll need a lie down after this, that’s all I can say. Look, he’s working himself up there, getting red in the face, the eejit,” Emily confirmed to WWN.