Local Kid’s Favourite TV Show Is Some Lad On YouTube Playing Minecraft


A PAIR of Waterford parents have expressed bafflement at their son’s ability to sit for hours watching YouTube videos of someone else playing Minecraft, WWN can exclusively reveal.

Conor Gahon, 9, spends more time watching the YouTube channel of Min3cra5txXx than he does actually playing the popular block-based building game.

This has confused his Dunmore East parents, Mike and Sheila, who can’t seem to figure out the appeal of spending so much time watching someone play a videogame instead of playing it yourself.

“When I was his age, I was watching the Turtles or Bravestarr, things like that,” said Mike, looking over at his son clutching an iPad.

“You know… things that had a story, and characters, and kickass theme songs. What the hell are kids doing these days, just watching YouTube videos of nonsense like this? If it’s not Minecraft, it’s videos of kids testing new toys, or some lad opening Kinder Surprise eggs. I’m not sure when the last time I saw him watching something with an actual story. I tried to get him to watch Thunderbirds but he was having none of it”.

Meanwhile, Hollywood execs have announced the upcoming motion picture event of a generation Lad Playing Minecraft: The Movie.