BREAKING: Ecuadorian Embassy Vanishes From London Overnight


POLICE in London are said to be baffled today after a six story building housing the Ecuadorian Embassy suddenly vanished overnight, leaving behind its foundations and very few clues as to how the entire building was removed from the Knightsbridge area of the city.

Scotland Yard detectives believe the white stucco-fronted red-brick building on Hans Crescent was removed at around 4am this morning, and are appealing to anyone in the area to come forward with any information as to the whereabouts of the structure, and more importantly, its occupants.

“There would have been incredible noise during the removal of this building, but no witnesses have come forward as of yet,” detective Lee Brosnick of Scotland Yard told WWN, “It’s like the whole block just suddenly disappeared somehow, without a trace”.

Police are very concerned with the whereabouts of the occupants, in particular asylum seeker Julian Assange, who has been hiding in the Ecuadorian Embassy in central London for more than four years in a bid to avoid returning to Sweden to face rape charges.

“We are not saying the disappearance is connected to Mr. Assange, but it seems very likely something is at play here,” added Brosnick.

Yesterday, Wikileaks publicly blamed the Ecuadorian Embassy for cutting off internet access to Julian Assange, but later reports indicate this was not the case, leaving many to speculate the connection was severed as part of the preparation for moving the embassy.

The embassy is said to be around 70 feet high, of slim stature with a red complexion. Police are urging people not to approach the building as it could be structurally dangerous, and to report any sightings to Scotland Yard immediately.