The Daily Mail To Outsource 400 Jobs To India


BRITISH tabloid and paragon of journalistic virtue The Daily Mail has confirmed that 400 jobs they were reportedly cut have merely been outsourced to a cheaper labour market, WWN can confirm.

The paper, which also manages the website The Mail Online, made the restructuring decision despite valuing the immensely talented British workforce, which is now free from the shackles of the EU.

“We’re as proud as anyone to be a British paper, a British institution but when we saw what we could get away with paying blokes in India, we couldn’t resist,” head of restructuring at The Mail Roger Shunt explained.

Shunt added that this is no way changes the Mail’s opinion that white British males over the ages of 50 are the best at everything in the world, including journalism.

The job relocation, however, did spark fears amongst their readers that the move might result in an increase in quality at the paper, something Shunt was happy to deny.

“We want to reassure our readers that this move won’t affect our ability to hate minorities or the poor. We remain committed this,” Shunt confirmed.

The Daily Mail made the initial announcement in an editorial tirade against uneducated European master degree holding spongers, who charge too much for labour while on the dole and stealing from your granny, thus forcing the outsourcing of jobs to a hotbed of ISIS jihadi sharia hajib something.