Met Éireann Confirm Rain For The Next 4 Months


MET ÉIREANN have confirmed they are set to go on their annual four months of leave starting today as there will be nothing but rain for the remainder of the year, WWN can confirm.

Citing the fact that the next four months of weather will be the usual, predictable collection of rain soaked misery, staff at the weather watching facility admitted there was no need for them to report on the weather until January 2017.

“A lot of our forecasters suffered from depression in the past, having to spend night after night talking about how shite it is out there, so that’s why the 4-month holiday stint was introduced,” explained Sean Fogerty, senior meteorologist at Met Éireann.

Weather reports for the remainder of the year will consist of a rain graphic and a brief apology from Met Éireann reminding the public it is not their fault as they don’t ‘make the weather and if possible, could the public stop sending death threats.

Some parts of the country have reported nice weather which would put Met Éireann’s 4-month sojourn at risk, however Fogerty has denied such claims.

“No, I’m afraid it’ll be cat here in Ireland until 2017 sometime. What those people are experiencing is something called ‘mass hallucinations’, God love them,” confirmed Fogerty.