Trump Picks Up Emmy For Best Reality TV Show ‘Trump 2016’


REPUBLICAN presidential nominee Donald Trump scooped the first of what he hopes to be several victories this year, after picking up an Emmy for ‘Best Reality TV Show’ for his ongoing series, ‘Trump For White House 2016’.

The series, which has been running since last year, was praised for its scintillating storylines, high-drama, and unbelievable characters, including the nefarious Melania Trump, the ruthless Ivanka Trump, the dastardly Eric Trump, and of course, the “best TV villain since JR Ewing”, Donald Trump himself.

Storylines including the one where Donald has a go at disabled people, the one where he has a go at the families of dead American soldiers, and the ongoing storyline in which he does his best to get Mexico to pay for a wall between Mexico and America, helped Trump 2016 rise above political shows such as Veep and House Of Cards to become the ‘greatest story about American politics of all time’ according to critics.

“It’s just the best show, I make the best shows,” said a jubilant Trump.

“Honestly. OK, just the best. There are other shows, yeah, OK, maybe they’re good. I don’t know. But when it comes to Trump 2016, it’s just the best television. Ask anyone”.

Fans of the reality series are eagerly awaiting the finale in November, with nobody sure if it’s going to end satisfactorily, like Breaking Bad, or be something that will be hated universally, like The Sopranos.