Is The World Ready For ‘Brian Jones’s Diary’?


THE internet movie community has reacted positively to news that the Bridget Jones series of movies is to receive a genre-swapped reboot, in the newly-announced ‘Brian Jones’s Diary’, set for release in 2018.

Unlike the recent all-female Ghostbusters remake, which was met with incredible hostility as fans balked at the thoughts of roles made famous by men being re-cast with some of the funniest actresses working in Hollywood today, ‘Brian Jones’s Diary’ was met with a chorus of ‘sounds alright’ and ‘about time men got more roles in rom-coms’ from thousands of men on Twitter.

Taking everything that was so popular about Bridget Jones and just swapping out Renee Zellwegger for an as-yet-uncast male lead, the story will again revolve around a twenty-something in London as they juggle work, love, and life.

However, the reboot may have some extra explaining to do illustrate why Brian is not attractive to women owing to the fact everyone knows that men are awesome.

“In the original, we had to believe that both Hugh Grant and Colin Firth would be fighting over a plus-sized woman,” said a spokesperson for the production.

“Which was a huge leap for audiences to take. In the reboot, we have to find some reason why Brian isn’t just sleeping with throngs of women, one after the other. Men in movies aren’t unlucky in love. Men in movies get what they want, when they want it. So we may have to re-write the part so Brian just scores all the time and he’s really tired at the weekend or whatever. But y’know, he’ll be a good role model for young men”.

“Brian Jones’s Diary’ will be part of an already-greenlit trilogy, which will include ‘Brian Jones Saves Everyone From A Burning Building’ and ‘Everyone Thinks Brian Jones Is Sound’.