Coronation St. Gay Kiss Scene Causes Man To Have Stroke


A SCENE in which two male actors embraced in a passionate kiss on an episode of Coronation Street has led to several complaints from viewers, including one man who says that the steamy scene caused him to have a stroke on his sofa.

Viewers watched as Todd Grimshaw (Bruno Langley) and Billy Mahew (Daniel Brocklebank) had a smooch in a hotel room, in much the same manner as gay characters have been doing on soaps for over 20 years.

However, the clinch caused London native and vocal homophobe Ian Druring to experience what he calls ‘an unusual sensation’, leading to him having a stroke on the sofa that lasted for several minutes.

“The two lads started kissing in the middle of Coronation Street, and suddenly I felt this strange rush of blood through my body,” said Druring, who has hated gay people all his life but has never really been able to articulate why.

“It effected my arm, which slid into my trousers, and that’s where the stroking began. It got pretty severe for awhile, then it stopped abruptly and I had to go clean myself up. I don’t think that Coronation Street should present things onscreen that will trigger such reactions in people who absolutely are not gay whatsoever, it’s a disgrace”.

Mr. Druring is currently recovering in a closet.