Well Thought Out & Measured Debate Happening Somewhere On The Internet, Scientists Claim


A GROUP of scientists have risked their reputations and considerable embarrassment by suggesting that somewhere on the internet there is a well thought out & measured debate being participated in by opposing sides who hold conflicting opinions on something.

“I wouldn’t have made this claim if I didn’t believe that in the infinite nature of internet forums, comment sections and on social media outlets it’s out there. I have a family to feed so I know I risk ruination if this hypothesis isn’t proven correct,” Dr. Hillary Corey explained at a press conference in New York this morning.

Dr. Corey and her team of researchers have made the submission without any inscrutable evidence, but admit to being hopeful their research will yield the results they expect.

“We know it’s out there somewhere, it has to be, right?” Dr. Corey shared, “we as a species know the truth without empirical evidence is elliptical,” the scientist added, unconvincingly.

The scientists expect to collect transcripts for over 1 billion public conversations on the internet in the hope of providing conclusive evidence that there is at least one debate or discussion in which bought side accept many of their opinions are subjective in nature and not verifiable merely because they say so.

The project has already encountered some problems as the website set up to facilitate submissions of well thought out and measured debates has so far only received one submission.

“It’s just said ‘die’,” Dr. Corey confirmed.