That One Friend Sat Down & Told Reality TV Is Not Real



A CONCERNED group of friends descended on the home of Waterford student Ciara Mallory in effort to wrench the 22-year-old away from a damaging addiction to reality television.

Ciara, an avid follower of absolutely any and all programmes that appear from the outside to present a slice of real life, had been expressing to friends how she couldn’t believe people in those shows did the things they did.

“Ciara, this is a safe space and we all love you, but we need to hear you say it ‘Made in Chelsea isn’t real life’,” Ciara’s teary-eyed best friend Rebecca shared.

The reality TV-addicted student discounted all evidence put before her by friends, including evidence that the show had ‘story editors’ and held open auditions for new cast members.

“No, you like, don’t understand. I get that there’s cameras and stuff, but all the falling outs they have over stupid and innocuous things, you just couldn’t make that up,” Ciara countered as tried turning up the volume on the latest episode on Made in D4, a cheap Irish knock off of the popular show.

“Look guys, we’ve tried our best there’s just no helping her,” another friend Mark said as the group gave in to the fact that they may have lost Ciara for good.

It is estimated that close to 70% of the TV viewing Irish public wholeheartedly believe that reality TV is in no way pre-written or set up by TV producers.

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