Dublin Handed Leinster Title By GAA Ahead Of Sunday’s Final To Save Some Time


IN an unconventional move the GAA has awarded Dublin the Leinster Senior Football title ahead of this Sunday’s final with West Meath in order to save everyone some time.

“We’ve heard that a lot of people are making the trip from Westmeath, you know, making a day of it, and our conscience can’t take that as we all know what the outcome will be,” GAA spokesman Ernesto Morales Sanchez told WWN.

Opening Croke Park for the day can be a huge undertaking involving getting staff members out of bed early on a Sunday, as well as inconveniencing GAA fans who have to spend time and money in order to get to a match which has only one likely winner.

“So, with that in mind, we’ve just sent the trophy over to Dublin. Now people can really make the most of their Sunday and not waste time heading to Croke Park. I’m sure there’s gardens that need tending to, fences that need painting, they’ll thank us later I’m sure of it,” Sanchez added.

“Oh, actually, they can still come to Dublin to do a bit of shopping, but yeah look it, Croke Park will be closed,” concluded Sanchez.

Bookies are so confident that Dublin will be triumphant on Sunday that betting has been suspended for the next 10 years on the Leinster Championship.