Met Éireann Forecast Huge Piss-Up For Sunday


IRELAND’s weather services have confirmed that conditions countrywide all point to a monumental piss up on Sunday.

While the meteorological phenomenon, also known as an ‘almighty session’, is common on Irish shores, it is thought this will be the most concentrated and persistent piss up the country has seen in close to fourteen years.

“Torrents of hopeful, but extremely drunk fans will flood into pubs, overwhelming many venues if they don’t have the right protections on their premises in place,” confirmed meteorologist Morgan Kennedy.

Met Éireann cited the increase in the winds of optimism coming into contact with waves of drink offers in off licences as creating the perfect piss up storm.

Health experts also pointed out that in the most severe piss up conditions, people’s hearing could be irreparably damaged by gusts of Olé Olé Olé.

“And that’s not even taking into account we’re also playing South Africa in the rugby on Saturday,” Kennedy added.

Experts urged the public to dress for the occasion and wear vomit proof clothing, and cautioned that planning ahead for your piss up will be important as Ireland kick off at the earlier time of 2pm against France.