Do You Know The Names Of These Rare Animals?


ANIMALS! The world’s is absolutely jam packed with them, and they’re not just found developing damaging psychological conditions in cramped Zoos, they can be found in the wild too. The wilder you go the rarer and lesser seen the animals are, only a keen animal expert will know the identities of these rare animals:


What the fuck is that? No seriously, we don’t know and we need a bit of help. It’s like a mouse but a bit more mental looking. If we were to guess, it’s probably called the Weird Long Nosed Mouse Yoke or something along those lines… maybe The Lesser Spotted Mental Looking Mouse. If you know, please get in touch.

star nosed mole

Ew, ew, ew make it stop. Ugh, that’s disgusting. Does disgusting have a name? Yes. Have we done any supporting research into that? No. Any ideas? We’re lost, at a stretch we’d guess The Rancid Looking Vagina Thingy With Claws? We’re not sure on the Latin name though. There’s every chance this is an image from a horror movie from the 80s, we’re sort of phoning it here.


Sorry, we pitched this article idea to our editor, but we don’t know shit about rare animals. The Vampire Deer? Maybe this is just a Photoshop of a normal deer. Look, one thing is for sure if we don’t get answers we’re fucking fired. Why does it even have teeth if it all it does is eat grass?


Christ, what in God’s name is this fucker at? We’re done guessing, this is a fox on stilts – The Stilted Fox. Done, we didn’t need your help on that one.


This is a cat. Specifically, Peter the cat, a notorious prick, known to meow at all hours of the night, never really taking a break. Don’t feel sorry for Peter, he’s more than earned his reputation as a prick, the prick!