Customer Horrified To Find Traces Of Food In McDonald’s Burger


FOOD inspectors were called to a Waterford branch of McDonald’s today, after reports a customer had bitten into a burger and found traces of food in it.

The unprecedented discovery was made by Dungarvan youth, Ian Keenan, 19, as he tucked into his Big Mac meal at lunchtime yesterday.

Expecting the usual lukewarm flavourless “edible matter”, normally found in McDonald’s produce, Keenan was taken aback after finding a tasty morsel of something in his mouth. Upon inspection, it was discovered to be actual food, which shocked both customer and staff alike, who immediately made assurances that they had no idea where the food had come from.

“You just don’t expect real food in a Big Mac,” said Keenan, still shaken by his ordeal.

“At first I thought: oh, I’ve just bitten into a particularly dense wodge of chemicals and hormones, maybe even a bit of sauce that was saltier than usual. But no, it was actual meat, bread, lettuce and onion, none of it genetically modified or anything like that. I nearly got sick”.

Food inspectors were quick to shut the branch down as the investigation continues, while the PR team at McDonald’s issued a statement in which they promised that this kind of thing would never happen again.