Success Of “First Dates” Leads To “First Rides” Spin-Off


EXECUTIVES at RTE are reportedly so thrilled with the enthusiastic response to dating show “First Dates”, they have given an immediate green light to a spin-off show that will take the concept to the next level.

“First Rides” will focus on couples from “First Dates” who hit it off enough to head to the bedroom, and will highlight the awkward fumbling and general unpleasantness that goes hand in hand with Irish people having sex together for the first time.

First Dates, stemming from an original idea by RTE to copy a popular Channel 4 show, aired last night to a largely positive response in terms of both ratings and online feedback.

Following unlucky-in-love individuals as they go on dates together for the first time, First Dates was an at times humorous, but cringey look into the dating scene in Ireland, something that RTE chiefs are promising will only get worse in “First Rides”.

“You’ve never seen anything quite like a pair of half-drunk Irish people in their thirties riding each other with socks on, apologising for something every ten seconds, ” said Pete McHannis, commissioning editor for RTE.

“It’s that mix of clumsiness and Lynx Africa… It’ll make for incredibly compelling television”.

McHannis went on to state that given the brief nature of Irish sex, each 60 minute show would require 45 separate couples.