Record Number Of Parents Using Their Children As An Excuse To Go See The Jungle Book


NEW smash cinema hit The Jungle Book has succeeded in no small part thanks to the desire of parents to drag their young children to the film, in an effort to relive their youth, WWN can exclusively reveal.

Record numbers of parents have used their children as the perfect excuse to go see the CGI-marvel which has been receiving rave reviews and is directed by Iron Man helmer Jon Favreau.

“Ah the little fella was dying to see it, wouldn’t shut up about it so I brought him to the very first showing the cinema had,” confirmed parent and man child Eoin Higgins, who revealed his 11-month-old son Ciaran’s first words were ‘bring me to The Jungle Book’.

The film, starring the voices of Bill Murray and Idris Elba has captured the imagination of children who have been told in no uncertain terms by parents that they’ll be going to see the film whether they like it or not, and they’ll keep their mouth shut once it starts.

Using children as an excuse to revisit fond childhood memories has not just been isolated to parents with many other adults looking to join in.

“The kids have me plagued, CGI animals, I could not be more uninterested if I’m being honest,” confirmed another cinema goer Karen Hanlon, who borrowed her sister’s children in an effort to not look like too much of a loser in the cinema.