The Heartwarming Moment This Man Found His Old Girlfriend On Facebook After Years Of Stalking


THERE were touching scenes this morning when a Waterford man finally tracked down the Facebook profile of an old girlfriend who once told him that if she ever saw him again, she would “kick his fucking head in”.

Dungarvan native Sean Dooley has carried a 20 year torch for Caroline Keating, a girl he went to secondary school with and shifted at a non-alcohol disco once.

The couple parted company soon afterwards, when it had emerged that Dooley had falsely claimed to all his friends that he had brought Keating around the back of the disco and even ‘got the boob’.

Furious that such a claim had been made, Caroline informed Sean that she hated him, and that she may or may not get her brothers to administer a ‘good hiding’ to him.

Although Caroline has never thought of Sean since, he has always wondered how she looks these days. This curiosity led to an extensive trawl of social media sites, until he finally found her profile on Facebook late last night.

“When social media sites first became popular, that’s all people were using them for,” said Sean, 28.

“Looking up old partners. I went looking for Caroline all the way back on Bebo, but she didn’t have a page on that. Then Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… nothing. Then last night, I saw a picture from the school that had her older brother in it, so it was just a case of going into his page, checking his pictures, and finding one Caroline had liked, and there she was. Going by her married name now; Caroline Hennessey. Still looking alright, so she is”.

Sean went on to confirm that the discovery left him with a curious sense of emptiness, and he now wonders what else he’s going to do with his life.