Coworker Explains In Detail Why ‘Batman V Superman’ Is A Stupid, Far-Fetched Idea


A VISIBLY enraged coworker has decided to share at length his displeasure and outrage at the simply unbelievable storyline of upcoming blockbuster ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’.

Eamon Kiely, 28, collared his colleague sitting opposite him and engaged in a one-way 60-minute rant centred around how angry he was that a superhero movie would lead with such an unlikely and fantastical plot.

“It’s just stupid. I can’t even begin to comprehend how stupid that is, like, who would even believe that? Batman fighting Superman, c’mon, they’re good guys, it’s unbelievably far fetched,” Eamon said of a fight between an orphaned billionaire vigilante and an orphaned space alien with godlike powers who can shoot lasers from of his eyes.

With several bulging blood vessels now clearly visible on his forehead, Kiely showed no signs of slowing as he continued to express his annoyance that superheroes, dressed up in ludicrous outfits, would somehow find themselves fighting one another.

“I’m not buying it, I just don’t believe it, it’s nonsense, completely far-fetched nonsense. Who thought this was a good idea, they would just never fight each other, that’s what the bad guys are for,” Eamon concluded as he sank back into his chair, visibly exhausted.

Despite his objections to the general conceit of the film, Eamon is expected to attend one of the first showings on the film’s release day.