Racehorses Would Probably Put Themselves Down If We Didn’t, Insist Racing Experts


RACING enthusiasts have hit back at animal welfare groups who have claimed that racing puts horses in unnecessary danger, claiming that horses love breaking their own legs and being shot, and would probably put themselves to sleep if there was nobody else to do it.

The argument over animal welfare reared its head again this week, after five horses died during the annual Cheltenham racing festival.

Of the five horses, two died directly from falling, and three were destroyed after breaking their legs.

The deaths were met with an outcry from animal welfare activists, who are calling for stricter safety guidelines and more care towards the horses, claiming that racing puts the animal under severe stress which in turn leads to falls, and deaths.

However, racing experts have hit back by stating that getting shot in the head is something that horses love, and that people who have devoted their lives to the welfare of animals just don’t have a clue what they’re talking about.

“If you watch a horse on his own in a field for long enough, you’ll see him do his best to snap his own leg in half,” said Christy Kennedy, shareholder in no less than 4 racing stables.

“Just like the riderless horse who finishes the race, these things are in a horse’s nature. I once saw a horse try to drown itself in a bucket of water. It’s just what they love doing, so who are we to deny them a curtain and a bullet?”

Meanwhile, one lucky punter collected €150,000 from a €3 bet, after correctly picking the five horses that would die at this year’s festival.