Kanye Will Be Allowed Finish, But Charlie Sheen Had Greatest Public Breakdown Of All Time


HIP-HOP artist Kanye West was stopped in the middle of yet another nonsensical batch of rambling, incoherent tweets and told that while he was going to be allowed finish, the greatest public meltdown by a celebrity clearly suffering with some form of mental illness would always belong to Charlie Sheen.

West has gone on several Twitter outbursts in recent times, including well-publicised spats with other rappers and desperate pleas for help with his troubled finances.

Although the tweets point at a person who is struggling with a range of mental health issues, it has been widely accepted that these are the type of mental health issues that are alright to mock and make fun of. The always-outspoken West is disliked by huge numbers of people across the world, adding to the sense that it’s alright to take delight in watching him come apart at the seams.

Unfortunately for Kanye, who prides himself on being the best at everything he does, his very public mental breakdown pales in comparison to the one that occurred to Charlie Sheen in 2011, which is considered the benchmark when it comes to this kind of thing.

“Kanye, we’re going to let you continue tweeting clearly insane things, but Charlie Sheen had the best mental breakdown of all time. Of ALL time”, West was told yesterday.

“Charlie just gave us more in terms of catchphrases and funny one-liners, plus he ranted about his boss and we could all relate to that. It was a bummer a few years later when he admitted that it was all due to a nervous breakdown after a HIV diagnosis, but at the time there was nothing better than searching the internet to see what this mentally-ill person had to say next. Fair play for what you’re giving us, Kanye, but it’s not the best of all time”.

Rather than telling West to seek the help he needs, he will instead be encouraged to continue falling apart in front of the public eye.