Local Woman’s Relationship Status Really Isn’t That Complicated


ALTHOUGH the “It’s Complicated” relationship status of one Waterford woman’s Facebook profile may suggest that her love life is a tangled web of passion and heartbreak, many people have come forward to clarify that it really isn’t that complicated, and the woman may in fact just be a bit of a geebag.

Karen Miller, 29, changed her status from “Single” to “It’s Complicated” some three years ago, even though “Single” was a fairly spot-on description of her.

The Dungarvan native, who has never had a male suitor that she hasn’t chased off in less than a fortnight, believes the “It’s Complicated” status adds an air of mystery and intrigue to her life, which currently revolves around being a generally unlikable person at all times.

Sources close to Ms. Miller have come forward to clarify that the social media status is 100% inaccurate, and that Miller’s actual relationship status is pretty straightforward.

“She’s the greatest pain in the hole drama queen you’re ever likely to meet”, said one of Miller’s co-workers.

“Any lad that ever went out with her, she treated like dirt, then dumped him when something better came along. But then she goes and says ‘It’s Complicated’ on Facebook because she thinks she’s Carrie Bradshaw or someone. Newsflash love; you’re just a dose”.

To date, Facebook have refused to reply to thousands of requests to have the “It’s Complicated” option removed from the relationship menu. People are advised to be wary of anyone, male or female, that uses the “It’s Complicated” option, as that person is invariably an absolute nightmare that should be avoided at all costs.