David Moyes Sacked From Under 12s Managerial Position In Home Town



PROFESSIONAL football manager David Moyes has been sacked as head coach from a local under 12s team in Glasgow after a litany of poor performances.

Moyes, who took over the club a month ago, four weeks after his dismissal from Real Sociedad, drew just one game out of six league games, losing the other five, putting the all-girls team at the bottom of the table.

Moyes took over Kirkintilloch Rovers under 12 girls team last November and a wave of optimism swept through the club. Supporters and parents were delighted to have a former Manchester United manager in charge, and felt that big wins lay ahead for the young team.

“He could’nae manage a game of Ludo,” furious parent Andrew McCann pointed out to WWN this afternoon. “We lost every game he managed apart from a draw with Springburn under 10s – a friendly game we arranged to save face.”

David Moyes’ dismissal was announced shortly after 11am, following a meeting with players’ parents at the grounds.

“Aye, it was tough breaking the news to him alrigh’,” McCann recalls. “I’ve never seen a grown man cry like that before, and the begging thing? Well, let’s just say I wish him all the best in future.”

A spokesperson for the 52-year-old said Moyes is not expected to pursue anymore managerial roles for the time being, but is open to refereeing under 12s games in the area if needed.