Fluent Irish Lad Pronouncing Ronan ‘Roh-Gnawn-Yan’ For Some Reason


FLUENT Irish speaker Donnacha Ó Sé is insisting on the pronouncing his coworker Ronan Ryan’s first name ‘Roh-gnawn-yan’ for some reason, WWN has learned.

“It sounds like he’ll do himself an injury, I’ve told it’s ‘Ronan’ but he doesn’t fucking listen,” Ronan explained from the comfort of his desk at Fylnn Integrated Solutions Management Performance.

It was believed the over enthusiastic mispronunciation of Ronan’s name started on Donnacha’s first day at the company some 4 years ago.

“You know yourself ‘hi, nice to meet you I’m Ronan’, and then this lad does his best impression of a Gaeltacht on crack. It’s been the same for the last 4 years,” a frustrated Ronan added.

The office is still none the wiser as to why Donnacha refuses to acknowledge Ronan’s real name but some speculate it is because he hates Ronan with every fibre of his body.

“Oh, Roh-gnawn-yan? Ah yeah, love him, we have like an office bro-mance, always have the crack,” Donnacha explained to WWN, still bizarrely unaware that the man he spoke of was actually called Ronan.

Efforts to the explain this once and for all landed on the deaf ears of the fluent Irish speaker.

“Yeah, that’s what I said – Roh-gnawn-yan,” Donnacha shot back, with his pronunciation of the two syllable name seemingly lasting minutes.