Kid’s Letter To Santy Unfortunately Contains Nothing On Special Offer


THE parents of a headstrong young boy have revealed to WWN that their son has managed to finish writing a letter to Santa Claus, 100% of which is made up of full-price toys and games.

Cian Farrell, 6, failed to heed any of his parent’s hints about how “this toy looked good” or “this game is more or less the same as the one you’re asking for”, and went ahead and wrote a wish-list of exactly what he wanted from Santy.

The move irked his mother, Pamela and his father Chris, who had tried to steer him towards toys that were not only a little bit cheaper, but also readily available on shop shelves across the country.

Instead, they were left in anguish after Cian went ahead and asked for a number of high-ticket, must-have items, many of which are either in short supply or already completely sold out across the country.

“They’ll all end up in the same corner of the room come St. Stephen’s Day,” sighed Pamela Farrell, speaking exclusively to WWN.

“Whether they cost a tenner or a hundred euro. You get one day’s use out of it and then it’s on to the next thing. Of course, we’ll make sure that Santy brings him everything he wants, but Santy could have just as easily have brought him a bunch of stuff that was just as good, that also happens to be on special offer in Smyths”.

Cian’s dad Chris also tearfully added that his son had not asked Santa for a Scalextric, which he himself was hoping to have a go on.