Glass Bowl Thing Tops List Of Christmas Gifts For Your Mam


WITH many people across the country currently beginning to put some thought into what gifts they would like to give to their loved ones this Christmas, some sort of glass bowl type of a thing is soaring ahead as the most popular choice of present for mothers across the country.

The glass bowl, which can be used for holding things or maybe just as decoration, is available from most department stores and comes in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours. Prices range from reasonable to incredibly unreasonable, with most shoppers opting for the cheaper versions.

Studies based on last year’s Christmas shopping, where people gave similar glass bowl things to their mothers, show that in almost 100% of cases the mother in question was “delighted” with their gift.

“These glass bowl, ornament yokes are suitable for ladies from 50 to dead,” said Jillian Kehlan, chief spokesperson for the Christmas Shopping Guide of Ireland.

“They’re perfect for the mantlepiece in the sitting room, or perhaps on the coffee table. If you get a big one and you’re not sure what to do with it, you can fill it with coloured glass beads or something, or put flowers in it. Or a candle. Who cares?”

Kehlan advised people to buy their glass bowl things early, as leaving it too close to Christmas might mean that only the most hideous ones are left.