Man Attempts To Convince Job Interviewer That Call Centre Work Is His One True Passion


AN UNEMPLOYED man in his mid-twenties is to spend the next ten to fifteen minutes convincing a HR member that when it comes to his career, he wants nothing more than work in the call centre that he’s currently being interviewed for.

James O’Ryan, 26, is currently one good interview away from his first job in over a year. The Dublin native must first continue to field questions from a job interviewer who introduced herself as either Carol or Karen.

A former Arts student, O’Ryan knows that in order to successfully land the prestigious job working at a sales agency specialising in cold-calling people in the middle of the day, he must answer questions such as “what attracted you to call centre work?”, “what do you think is the best thing about call centre work?” and “why do you want to work in a call centre?” with more than “money”, “money”, and “I need money”.

“I’ve gotta convince this woman that I’ve got a serious boner for call centre work,” said O’Ryan, mentally, to himself.

“Even though it’s the worst job this side of shoveling shit in Calcutta, I just cannot go another day on the dole. So I have to sit here and smile and act like my one true passion in life is having people call me every name under the sun then hanging up on me”.

O’Ryan’s prospects took a favourable turn after he was able to answer the question “where do you see yourself in 5 years?” with an answer which wasn’t “anywhere but here”.