Donald Trump Calls On Puppies To Be Banned Following Latest US Shooting


AMERICAN presidential candidate Donald Trump has called for a nationwide ban on the supply of puppies, following the latest US shooting involving an 11-year-old boy who killed his 8-year-old neighbour after she refused to show him her new pets.

The US businessman slammed the local pet store for supplying the animals to the child’s parents, and has suggested rigorous vetting for people wishing to buy puppies who may have no intention of showing them to anyone.

“This is another prime example of lax puppy control laws in our country,” Mr. Trump told reporters outside his New York office last night. “How many more times will a child be denied a puppy viewing before something is done about it?”

The unidentified boy in the latest tragic shooting was reportedly talking to three girls outside the window of his mobile home on Saturday evening before asking one of them if he could see her two new puppies, but the girl refused.

It is understood the boy then retrieved his father’s 12-gauge shotgun, shot the girl in the chest from the window, and then threw the weapon outside by the girl’s body.

“That boy had every right to protect his God given freedom,” said Mr. Trump, who is leading the polls with his right-to-bear-arms and anti-immigrant stance. “The distribution of puppies to people who wish to keep them hidden will be top of my election campaign going forward,” adding with a salute. “God bless America.”