4 People You’ll Definitely See At Electric Picnic


We here at WWN differ from our news rivals a bit, as we just totally love Electric Picnic and its uniquely cool unique vibe. Check out our list below which tells you the 4 people you’ll definitely see at this year’s festival which kicks off on Friday:

1) John. Of course you’ll see John, remember, the two of you said you’d go to Electric Picnic together, so he bought two tickets the day they went on sale. You said you’d pay him for the ticket on Thursday. You were right to tell him you’re not sharing a tent with him though, his bowel movements could be classified as a hate crime.

2) Burke. We’ve no idea how you forgot your drug dealer was heading down to Picnic, that’s kind of worrying. Surely you remember chatting to him about what pills he had? Going to the forest rave is absolutely pointless without him, you literally said this to Aisling yesterday. Seriously, you don’t remember Aisling?

3) Aisling. You know, Aisling your girlfriend. Aisling, Aisling. She said she’d drive you and John down in her car even though it meant Sinead and Alannah had to get the bus down. She’s sound like that. You’ve only been going out a few weeks, but it’ll be class to have her down there with you, as long as she isn’t hanging out of you the whole time obviously.

4) Steve. You’re sharing a tent with Steve, remember? Honestly, your memory is shocking sometimes. You’ve been planning this for months. Steve even set up the ‘Electric Dicknic’ Whatsapp group you’re in, he can’t bloody wait for Friday, so you’ll definitely see him at Electric Picnic. You might want to go to a doctor as well since you’ve no recollection of these very recent conversations.